The Real Parent

My friend Deb, a fellow mom of 5, writes a superb newspaper column called Real Parent. (Click here to check her out on Facebook.) I'm like the first in line to read it and I'm almost sure half of what she writes is actually a great big finger pointing in my general direction, although I will admit to some occasional paranoia. At any rate, I went to drop off some old laptops at her house today. (What's that about one person's trash being another's treasure? I think her genius, computer-programming boys hit the jackpot today, although, they may beg to differ with the missing keys and lack of power sources....beggars can't be choosers boys....although you weren't technically begging, and I should probably thank you for taking them....) At any rate, because of the missing computer keys, the conversation naturally turned to Solomon:

Me: He's a monster I tell you. He watched the window guys all last week and by the end of the week I saw him go over, open up the great room window and crawl right out of it and onto the deck. (You know, because THAT is totally safe in a two story house.) And on Saturday, he ran straight out into the parking lot at soccer and there was nothing I could do to stop him because he was so fast getting those great big warehouse doors open. I spilled coffee all over myself chasing after him.....had there been a car coming he'd have been toast....

Deb (after a brief, contemplative pause): Why don't you go Chinese on him and bind his feet? Then he won't be able to go anywhere.

This is exactly why we are friends, y'all! Now that's a real solution for real parenting! (You'll love her column too, check it out!)

Thanks Deb! I may have to give it a go......googling feet binding now (although I believe total body binding may be more appropriate....actually, maybe I should just get him a cage.....)

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