Slight Oversight?

Dear God,

I know you have a lot on your plate. What, with the wars and poverty, murders and crime, the widows, widowers, orphans, the hungry, the starving, and the politicians, the mental heath issues and drug addictions and great sadnesses, the physical injuries, cancer, disease, and all that healing and guiding and listening to the whining of the fortunate and the cries and groans of the meek and weary and marginalized and your disappointment with some of us and your love for humans, times like 7 billion, and your hope for our future and well, trust me when I say I understand how you might have missed a memo or two, perhaps haven't glanced at your calendar in a while. So, I thought I would humbly offer you a gentle reminder that today is the first day of spring. Isn't that wonderful? Yet when I looked at my outdoor thermometer this morning, it was only 4 degrees outside.

Please don't think I am complaining. I understand very well that the record low for March here in the upper midwest is somewhere in the negative 30s. I was just wondering however, if you might crank it up a notch....maybe give us 20 or 30 more degrees, or 60......because, you see God, we are having windows replaced in our house and while I realize it is a blessing that I can even write that, that I have a house with a gazillion windows and that I can afford to replace them, well, on the first day of the replacement it snowed. And then today it is so cold I am in two coats while standing in my kitchen.....because while they are really fast at getting the windows out of the walls, the putting new ones in part seems to be a very, very slow and tedious process. (I am beginning to think they are paid by the hour.) It is now only 50 degrees inside my house. On the first day of spring. And they just opened all the doors in the house so that the air pressure doesn't change while they are putting windows in 15 feet up which could make the workers and the new windows fall out the huge holes in the wall.....and while that isn't the same emergency as say the freezing homeless on our streets and the chemical warfare they are fearing over seas, well, it kinda stinks for us right now, here in the arctic spring of MN.

So, if you think of it, in the midst of your divine busy-ness, maybe you could offer a little less sunny but extreme cold and a tad more springtime warmth?

And if not, I totally get it. We are kind of low on the totem priority pole. And we kind of prefer it that way actually. So, come to think of it, scratch that. Let's just call it even and you have a nice day in eternity.

Much Love,
The Graceful Chicken

P.S. Next time a contractor says they can put windows in even though it is going to be cold and snowy, that is it "no problem," please give us a gentle nudge reminding us that it might not be a problem for them but for us, well, it might just be a slight headache. You know, like the migraine kind.

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