Confessions to a Police Officer

A police officer visited Liam's class last week. When I returned to pick him up the teacher told me:

"So, Liam told the policeman that his mommy drives 'super fast.'"

"Gee, thanks Liam! Throw me under the bus why don't you?!" I said, laughing.

"The policeman told him to tell you to slow down," she continued jovially.

"Yeah, it's tough when your number-loving five year old regularly monitors how fast you are going and anything above the speed limit is considered 'super fast,'" I said.

"Oh, that's not so bad really," the teacher went on. "[Liam's little classmate] told the policeman that her daddy has a set of handcuffs 'just like those' in his bedroom*."

Um, yeah, I'll own up to that "super fast driving" confession, and heck, even throw in an occasional lead-foot through a changing yellow light. And I might have to repress some giggles when I greet aforementioned parents at drop offs because, well, just because.

*For purposes of writing integrity, I'm not certain that the teacher mentioned just where her dad keeps his handcuffs or if my juvenile brain unintentionally filled in the blanks, but really, does that change a whole lot? Raise your hand if you own a pair of real hand cuffs.....on second thought, don't. I don't really want to know!

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