About Graceful Chicken

After having my 4th child, a good friend told me he thought it was time I got myself a new hobby. Another friend mentioned I should consider starting a blog. That's when Graceful Like a Chicken was born. Now, after my fifth child I realize the problem with this hobby is that the more kids I have, the better this hobby becomes....I think I may have missed the point.

As a writer, my goal is to find the humor in everyday living. And ever so often, I have to take time for the serious or otherwise reflective side of life, you know, break things up a bit. So, if I make you smile or think or feel something in any way, I consider my life a total success! Hey, I'm easy....obviously.... :)

Why "Graceful Like a Chicken"?  I get asked this question frequently. I thought I had blogged it once but apparently I didn't. You see, early on in our life together, Kurt and I took a walk somewhere (the details are a little fuzzy now.) I thought we were in San Francisco but it might have been downtown Minneapolis. At any rate, as we were walking along I tripped....I am sure there must have been a bump in the road (Kurt would probably tell you I simply slipped on the surrounding air...oxygen gets me every time!) Anyway, Kurt teased me about it and said, "Wow, that was graceful.....like a chicken."

Well, it stuck. It's not that I am all that klutzy (stop laughing Kurt!) but I will admit the word graceful is not used in a sentence with my name unless there is a negation, or chicken, in there somewhere as well. No matter, it has made for a fun and very useful catchphrase. And I aim to make this blog a simple continuation of that part of my life. And perhaps succeed in bringing a smile to your face.

Thanks for reading!