Egg-Laying Machines and Other Assorted Monsters


Ten is how many dozen eggs I currently have sitting in my house right now. And that is AFTER giving a dozen away this morning. So much for winter causing hens to lay less. I am apparently raising egg laying machines!

If you ask Solomon, he would probably tell you they are egg laying monsters. And he will gladly punch them in the beak for you if you so ask.

Speaking of monsters, Solomon has developed into quite the little character. The other day, he wanted to play on my phone. This was our conversation:

Solly: Mommy, may I play on your phone please? (Ok, ok….that was what he was required to say three times after his actual request which was: "I want to play Minecraft; where's your phone?")

Me: Solly, you can play on my phone but first you have to pick up your room.

Solly: Nooooooo! I can't pick up my room!

Me: Sure you can.

Solly: I can't pick it up all by myself.

Me: Why not, Solomon?

Solly: Because it is too heavy! But I can pick up the toys maybe…..

And so it begins…..

Have a great week y'all…. oh, and anyone local want some eggs??


I Dream of Jeannie

Actually, to be more specific, I dream of being Jeannie…..ok Women's Studies professors (and maybe most of my "liberated" family members) please do us all a favor and stop reading now. It's not that I want to be secluded to a bottle only coming out to do my master's bidding, but I admit, having a very quiet, solitary place all my own, that I could just disappear to at the wink of an eye, doesn't sound half bad. (No Kurt, the little claustrophobic inducing junk filled closet that is all mine upstairs really doesn't count…..no, the chicken coop doesn't either…..)

But right now, this very moment, I look at my post-Christmas, post-weekend house and think, if only I were Jeannie…..one little nod and everything would be in its place: the floors would be mopped, the dishes done, toilets scrubbed, furniture dusted, carpets vacuumed, and dinner would just appear suddenly on a nicely set table. Perhaps I would even nod the kids into their bedrooms to get ready for bed before zapping myself back into my bottle to enjoy some extra relaxation time. And let's not leave out the part that excludes running a hundred miles or lifting those gosh darn weights to keep in shape because, well, seriously, you remember what she looks like right?

So, tonight, I'm wishing I were Jeannie (while making the kids do all the work). Tomorrow, it's back to being me and doing all the things that I wouldn't have to do if I were Jeannie…..

(For the record, I am pretty certain Kurt wouldn't mind if I were Jeannie either…..I'm just saying.)

Argh, the kids are calling…...*Wink-Nod*…...

Darn, it didn't work!

Have a great week, friends!