A Day Without Fanfare

Kurt turned 40 today. Someone asked me what I was giving him and I think they were a little disappointed when I said I was simply going to pretend it wasn't his birthday. Seriously, I learned very early on in our relationship that the last thing on Earth he wants is attention, especially on his birthday. That surprise party I planned for him when he turned 28? I don't think he spoke to me for a week. Lesson learned. Matter of fact, I think the only thing that makes him more uncomfortable than unwanted attention is the Urologist, or any discussion about his experience with the Clip and Snip (which sends him crawling into the attic where he cowers in fetal position under three feet of insulation....holding his shot gun....well, in his mind anyway.)

So, this year when he said he was taking the day off, I packed up the two little ones and left the house for the majority of the day. Best present ever, so I was told.

But really, the kids and I decided that the best (i.e. least expensive) gift we could give, one that he would truly appreciate, would be a total family/life make-over, starting with our diets. You see, we are a fairly normal family. In our crazy busy lives, we fall back on eating too much processed junk and too little whole food goodness. While I might load up on lean proteins and veggies (because I am addicted to kale) and anything else that may give me that little edge in my training, I fall way short on forcing my kids (and husband) to eat so intentionally. If they had their way, I believe they would live on bagels and ice cream with an extra shot of corn syrup and trans fat and a side couple plates of bacon, each!

So, since it is Kurt's 40th birthday we decided, (and by 'we decided' I mean I decided and dragged them along kicking and screaming), that we would go the next 40 days enjoying the foods in our house, eating through our pantry and cupboards, making all the meals and treats and desserts our hearts desire, until all sugar and refined flour and processed junk is gone. During this period, we will begin to slowly fill our kitchen with mostly whole, fresh foods. After the 40 days of easing into it, we are going to try to maintain a 40 day fast from processed sugars. (I was hoping to go all out and do an entire elimination diet but I think my kids might actually die from eating only apples and bananas so we will start with what I believe is the biggest food issue in our family: too much processed sugar.)

At the same time, we are also going to be having a little come to Jesus with our clutter problem. For the next 40 days, we are going to be getting rid of 21 things each day. That's 840 things that will make their way out of our house and into the hands of someone who needs them more. And we'll all live happily ever after. The end.

But seriously, after the day off and house to himself, homemade pizza, Costco cake and four different kinds of ice cream to choose from, Kurt is in heaven (or perhaps that is just a sugar coma, I can't be sure). I think this may have been his best birthday ever. Well, except for the giving up sugar part. Wish us luck!

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