About My (non-living) Chickens

Over the last six or so years, this incredible thing has happened: everyone seems to want to give me chicken-related gifts. I know, odd right? Not only has this changed how I define myself (and the very appearance of our house!) but it has made for some very interesting conversation pieces!

It all started with my good friend Mary who kindly sent me this rooster statue for my birthday the year I started the blog:

I named him Henry, added him to my webpage and then announced, "He now keeps watch over the children....so far, it isn't really going so well." And that still holds true today!

Since then, I have been sent all sorts of chicken stuff. 

There was the encouraging card from a friend (Thanks Jen):

The old-school children's Pecking Chicken toy:

 A kitchen apron that I was told I had to have (And seriously, I need those ruffles....they totally make the apron! Thanks Mamma Maria!):

A fantastic (and hysterical) chicken book (Thanks Dawn! This one keeps me laughing!):

The random glass chicken that is super cute but still needs a name (Thanks Deb!):

Decorative Chicken Wall Plates (Thanks again Mary!):
And one of the funniest, a string-o-chickens from someone at my mom's church: 

Who doesn't need a string of chickens hanging on their wall?!?! 
(Rhetorical question, Kurt. Rhetorical question.)

I was also gifted (ok, I asked, she said yes) the chicken my mom painted long ago when her life was calm and she still made art:

And of course, I can't forget Solomon's chicken shoes made by my friend Kim when he was just an itty bitty lad:

To everyone who has made my house more blog-relevent, THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU! It's always a blast imagining what unique chicken thing might show up next!

******* UPDATE FROM MARS*****

Kurt and I had a conversation about our new house before we got here and how he didn't want it overrun by chicken decor…..I haphazardly agreed and then, lo and behold, upon entering the house for the first time his mom had left us an incredible, gigantic gift basket of chicken stuff: 
It would be RUDE for me to not have this on display,  Kurt. We are talking about your own mother!

Pretty soon after that, a friend sent me this cool housewarming hen (Thanks, Jen!!)…..

And she became part of an ongoing war between me and Kurt about the temporary chickens on display…….(he won in the end but it was fun for a minute…..)

And finally, my kids have joined in and spent their precious milk money on bookmarks that simply make you smile……thanks kids. (Kurt loves this in our kitchen cabinetry…..don't let that extra gray hair and scowl fool you!)

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