For When Things Get Out of Control

For when things get out of control, there I will be also. -- Jesus (my paraphrase)

You know things have gotten out of control.....

1. When you see your two-year old walk out of a room and hear him say, as clear as day, "Ah, F#&k it! (I do not take credit for this one as I assure you, that is not my bad word of choice!)

2. When there is not enough furniture in your child's room to keep him in his bed.

His escape plan

3.  When your donation pile looks like this......


(Seriously, this is a major issue; so major that it appears even the cat is ready to jump ship! I will be addressing clutter over the next couple of weeks....I know, I know, I can hardly wait either....)

4. When you have to remove a towel, two drumsticks and a cat bed from the shower before you can use it. (While I'm fairly confident I know who is responsible, I am hesitant to speculate on the why of it.)

5. When this is how you find your two-year old eating his lunch....

 .....of Girl Scout Cookies.... and you feel pretty good because this is improvement over the random teddy grahams he found (and ate) off the floor out in public the other day.....

If Jesus is with us more the more things get out of control, then by golly, I think he's got us surrounded.....perhaps it's time to surrender. The good news is, I am pretty certain order can be restored with just a little 'casting out of the demons'.....well, really one in particular.....

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