The Challenge

I overheard this conversation today:

The Computer-Shaped Game: "I'm Superman. Are you ready to face the challenge?"

Two year old Solomon, holding game to his face: "YESSSSSS! I weddy to face the challenge!" And then he patiently stood there, ready and eagerly waiting. For what? He had no clue.

I think this is what Jesus must have meant when he told us to have faith like a child. Solly had no idea what "the challenge" involved. I don't think he even knows what a challenge is actually. None the less, he was ready, declaring, "Yes, I'm all in!" before he even knew what was in store.

But we are a busy people. We want to plan, prepare, organize. We want task forces and focus groups. We want details and dates and then the proper amount of time to discern and decide. Yet, this God of ours, whose tendency is to qualify the called and not the other way around, wants us to respond like a child: Yes Lord, I'm in. I'm ready to face the challenge.

As I watched Solomon a little later banging the game against the wall in utter frustration, I began to wonder, am I really all in? Am I ready? And exactly what am I ready for?

The challenge will be a little different for each of us, but I'm fairly certain its wrapping is grace, its voice is love, its shape is God's and day by day, its power transforms us to better resemble Jesus. And with any luck at all, there won't be any banging it against the wall!

For that, we boldly declare as God's children: Yes! I'm all in!

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