Warning: An Entire Month of Graceful Chicken Starts.....


Just a friendly note to let you all know that starting October 1 (today!) I will be participating in what I will call a month long Blogathon. You see, there is a blogger's challenge floating around somewhere in cyberspace, wherever that is, that I am going to attempt: one full month of daily posts. My understanding is that most bloggers take on a theme and try to stick with it, keeping their writing focused. Artistic. Maybe even interesting. (See Chatting at the Sky for a great example.) But, I have decided to take the lazy-blogger's approach and just aim for a daily post. After all, I never know what might show itself "blog-worthy" on any given day and while I do have a tendency to somehow spin things just so, making one topic fit into another (sometimes better than others), I don't know that I have the creative energy to do that each and every day for 31 days. That said, I will write what comes, and perhaps actually finish and post some half-written material in the process (think: my sister's wedding...that happened in May....argh!)

Now, does this mean one too many late nights as I try to get in some last minute writing, or laundry? Possibly. Will it require frequent spontaneous stops at my favorite coffee joint to keep my brain ticking during the month? Probably. Does my role as wifemomhousekeeperlitterboxcleanermusicteacherfriendcrazyrunnerchicketc still come first on my priority list? Certainly (you can breathe easy Kurt). Do I assume there will be some abject failure here? Absolutely. But the challenge is just nipping at my heels and so I must cave to the temptation. Wish me luck! (Or, if need be, add me to your junk mailbox!)

In the meantime, check out The Graceful Chicken in this super cool new Blogger view: The Graceful Chicken

Ok then, cheerio! See ya tomorrow!

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