The Monster Dash

Yesterday, Solomon and I headed into downtown St. Paul to pick up my chip and bib for the 10 mile race I am running today with a friend. I was surprised by the looks we were getting. Surely people have seen babies downtown before, I thought. I started feeling a bit awkward. I mean, usually the reaction to the baby is all giggly and sweet, not snooty and rude. Usually the laughing is with us, not at us.

Then it occurred to me that maybe the issue was that I still had on the antennae I was wearing when I dropped the kids off at school.

Hee hee....Come on people, lighten up! This is a COSTUME RUN!

I left the doodle-bug headband on the rest of the day to spite the seriousness. They functioned as glittery upside down exclamations of "IN YOUR FACE!" It was totally worth it.

Wish us luck!

(Something tells me that the full coffee mug full of espresso with a side of bacon and candy pumpkins was NOT the best pre-race meal.....hmmmm.....)


  1. Pretty sure this one is my absolute favorite of the whole month. I'm not so into deep and meaningful. :)

    (And sorry I didn't join you in the month as promised. The week in Montreat on the front end, the baby's broken femur toward the middle, and my own strep throat here at the end where more than I could handle.)

  2. Holy smokes! A broken femur? What the heck happened???

    (That walking bit will get ya every time I guess!)

    And yeah, I think I have to stick with what comes naturally....that serious stuff is NOT my strong suit! :)


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