Bring Your Own Blessing

Another blogger this week asked the question: What feeds your soul?

My Answer:

The stillness of a lake high in the mountains, a rushing creek, the rise and fall of the ocean's breath, white sand, swaying tree tops, the laziness of a sticky summer evening, ice-cold water (and central air!), the autumn sun as it tints the color-streaked trees, crunchy leaves, open windows, the first snowfall of winter, the sharp, breath-taking chill, a crackling fire, the hopefulness of spring, daffodils, the birds returning with their simple melodies, the excitement buzzing around the changing seasons and the joy and laughter of my children through it all.

Creation, in all its amazing forms, feeds my soul and I am reminded over and over and over by magnificent, little things to stop, hush, and simply be thankful.

What blessings feed your soul?

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