More Gator Stories

A few weeks ago I ran across this story (because my mom sent me a link to my inbox) about a young man in Florida (of course) who caught an 800-pound, 12-foot long gator while on a fishing trip. He reeled it in with a simple bass fishing rod. Apparently, while the rest of us were learning our three R's, you know, Reading, wRiting, and Running-from-alligators, he was doing something crazy, like math. Or perhaps, instead of Running, he took the other course track which included Reeling and Rifles (or at least the proper use of a Bang Stick).

At any rate, here's the link. My favorite part of course is the "Proud Dad" who plans on mounting the head so his son can put it up in his room. Nothing like a good Alligator Head to scare the bejeezus out of you upon awakening each morning!

I think I'll stick to my shot of espresso. :)

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