With a "Lily Did it" Here and a "Lily Did it" There

Here a cluck, there a cluck, everywhere a cluck, cluck...

Aidan's story (changed from his earlier account in which, "Lily did it."): 

"Well, Madeline told us to take the Light Brite outside and she told us to bury it in the dirt and then it got broken."

Madeline's story (changed from her earlier account in which, "Lily did it."):

"Aidan took the Light Brite and put it in the bathroom with all the pieces and the bubbles and it drowned."

My story (sticking to my original account in which "I don't really care which chicken did it."):

"Aidan brought the Light Brite to the dining room and somehow the pieces ended up all over the floor. (That was quite unexpected of course...and apparently NONE of the kids did it.) When I told the kids to clean it up, they excitedly got right to work, happily humming a merry tune while I made cookies. As I was pulling them out of the oven (the cookies, not my children), I saw the kids out in the dirt. Realizing the Light Brite was missing, I quickly saw what was going on and told them to dig up all the pieces and put them in a bucket. After excavating the Light Brite and all the pegs, they quietly took everything into the bathroom, filled the sink with half water, half hand soap, creating an endless fountain of bubbles and attempted to wash the pieces and the machine. It was when I heard Aidan and Madeline talking about the beetle in the sink, that I looked in and saw what they were doing. And I certainly didn't overreact or raise my voice or anything like that...

The Light Brite met its untimely demise due to the mud in its interior. The pegs, half of which I believe went down the drain (because THAT won't become a problem later...), were nice and clean AND USELESS so they too, were thrown out. I still don't know who did it, and although she earns accomplice status based on the amount of dirt smeared all over her face and her inability to deny the accusations, I strongly doubt it was Lily. Oh, and the beetle drowned."

Old McKaren had a Farm...

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