The Hen Cam

The Hen Cam: This is the coolest chicken site yet! This wonderful woman has a webcam looking over her chicken coop where you can watch her hens all day long! Make sure to look inside...you may catch one laying an egg! (And the best part: her lop-eared bunny lives in there, too! It's like my own personal heaven!)

This week I discovered that my kids have an entrepreneurial flare. I was cleaning out the truck, getting ready for our trip down to Legoland, when it became apparent that they had been running a garage sale out of the back for some time. This particular day I found: 2 pairs of Mary Janes, 2 pairs of flip-flops, 1 pair of sandals, 3 water shoes, 1 shoe insole, 1 book, 1 Superman cape, a Jango Fett helmet, 1 knee pad, 3 sharpened pencils (which are NEVER a good thing to have laying around in the car...and one look up at the ceiling of the car will confirm why....BTW, have you any idea how milk can spill on the ceiling?) one adult swim suit complete with a wrap and one piece of mail that isn't even ours NOR in English! Now, I will take credit for the swimsuit but you have got to be kidding me! I wouldn't have been surprised to find another kid in there! And what makes this so impressive is that it has only been ONE WEEK since I last cleaned out the car. 

At any rate, after getting the truck emptied out, we filled it back up with the stuff needed for a day at Legoland, ran an errand, picked up some coffee, dropped off some dry-cleaning, picked up Midora (our 9 year old Mommy's Helper) and drove south. At 10 a.m. we arrived at my good friend Mary's who was planning on joining us to help even out the adult-child ratio but upon arriving at her house, we found out she had a beehive. And no, I am not referring to a new hair-do. Mary had been on her porch that morning and noticed an overabundance of bees. She looked a little closer and there was a hive about the size of, I don't know, LIAM, in her apple tree. So, since she had to wait for the bee man to come take the hive down she was no longer able to join us. 

So, as you have probably already noted, that left me and 5 kids, on our way to Legoland. And since I seem to have inherited my willfulness from my husband's side of the family, there was no chance I was going to change my plans after we had already made the hour drive. 

By the time we arrived at Legoland, the kids were complaining they were hungry but I was determined to put eating off until they had burned off some energy. So we started off in the Lego building rooms where Lily immediately tried to use the side of the Lego vat as a balance beam. After quickly falling in, she tried walking around in the Legos (picture the scene in I Love Lucy where Lucy is stomping in the barrels of grapes....It was NOTHING like that as legos are NOT soft and squishy!) Lily learned quickly that Legos are best left to building and I was just happy that she wasn't pulling her diaper off and pooping on the floor like the last time I had the kids there by myself (Hey, if at first you don't succeed, wait until you forget about the experience and try, try again...)

We then headed through Miniland where I had to stop Madeline from trying to trample through Legowood (kind of like Hollywood only more genuine) and by this time, the kids were acting as if they would succumb to famish at any moment. We tried to find something edible that didn't require a home equity loan but apparently theme parks are all about price gouging and those of us who forget we actually packed snacks end up with more food than we need and no money left for the ice cream treats we promised a week ago.  (I was kicking myself for not holding onto the money I found in the kids car seats.) 

At any rate, the kids did end up riding a few rides (yay Baby Bjorn!), getting their ice pops (yay credit!) watching a fire safety show (yay...for the sake of uniformity!) and making it home safely (and big, huge, grace-filled YAY!) which made for a fairly good day given it was me and FIVE kids (in case you didn't catch that the first time). 

I only wish we had it on the Hen Cam to prove it. 

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