To all the Roosters out there: Happy Father's Day!

Well, maybe the rooster isn't the best analogy given how very non-monogamous roosters are but well, they certainly ARE likely to be daddy chickens given the harem they keep...

It seems only natural that on Father's Day I oughta mention some of the important things my own father has taught me over the years. My dad taught me: 

1) Make sure you have your measurements right. For instance, if you have a super high-tech camper, complete with the air-conditioner unit on top, making the thing about 10 feet high, make sure you don't try to drive under something that is only 9 feet high. (But if you do, don't look at all the people in the restaurant windows staring at you....simply pick up the air-conditioner, put it inside the camper, cooly get back in the cab and drive to the next stop...) I am so glad he never tried bungee jumping!

2) Take the time to do things correctly. For example, if you are going to hook up the septic tank on the aforementioned camper at the proper waste dumping place, make sure the hoses are hooked up all the way before you open the thing up.....Again, so glad he never bungee jumped. 

3) Trust those who may know better than you. Like, if you don't know where you are going and your 4 year old is saying you are going the wrong way, don't keep driving a few more miles. (My dear hubbie also recently learned the same thing about his GPS system when he had picked his brother up from the airport, got back on the highway and the GPS kept telling him to "get off at the next exit, and then get back on." Kurt decided to IGNORE the GPS and keep going, only to find out he was headed in the wrong direction down the highway...I suppose we do marry someone like our father afterall...)  Bottom line, trust the GPS...even if they are only 4. 

4) Something that is too good to be true, probably is just that. For example, that apartment complex  "up north" that will make you a lot of money if only you give some guy a lot of money to "go in with him on it"...well, it's too good to be true. Or, the magnets that are the next best thing in preventative and therapeutic medicine so you MUST buy an entire garage full to sell and retire off the profits? Too good to be true...

5) There is a time and place for everything. But church isn't usually the time or place. Especially when you are sitting in the choir loft, making raccoon eyes at your children.  With Mom SITTING RIGHT NEXT TO THEM! (Next up: Bungee Jumping...)

But in all seriousness, the most important thing my father taught me is that life, and all its craziness, is worth laughing about.  If it is funny, point it out. If it isn't, find out how to make it so.  (And then blame it on the kids if the only thing you can think of happens to stink...)

Thanks dad. Happy Father's Day. 

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