Tastes Like Chicken

Things that have been said to "taste like chicken": Fried frog legs, fried rattlesnake, fried alligator, any other bird (minus ostrich), rabbit, tofu, and many other unidentifiable foods, (especially of the fried variety)...basically, anything can taste a little like chicken...

So, Kurt used to have this, well, let's call it a hobby to be nice. You see, he, like many other people on the internet, spent hours each week (or day as the case was) playing an online game called Never Winter Nights. From what I have been told, it is a lesser evil than World of Warcrafts but perhaps still the next of kin. At any rate, he would get online with his brothers and other online "friends" and they would go on these great adventures, creating all sorts of incredible characters that had all sorts of amazing strengths or abilities, fighting Sissy and Prissy, (dragons) and resurrecting each other from the dead and getting lost in limbo and well, you get my drift. It's a whole different world.

Once, at church, Aidan told his teacher that his daddy was at home playing his game on the computer. I can almost hear the conversation in my head:

"So Aidan, are you here with your mommy and daddy today?"

"No, Daddy's at home fighting dragons."

Anyway, one day, after missing out on about nine months of our lives, Kurt realized, "Wait, we had another baby?" and he decided to hang up his gaming spreadsheets and take a break (a very long never-ending break right honey? Honey...?) That was a sad, sad day. 

So, somewhere along the lines, Kurt's folks brought Aidan a froggy stuffed animal in the Webkinz family. If you don't know about Webkinz, you are truly missing out....if you are seven. For, if you adopt a Webkinz, you can go online and create a whole world around this animal. There are games to be played, jobs to do, money to be earned and spent, food to be eaten, houses to build up etc. and did I mention the games to be played? 

Well, this weekend, Aidan needed help figuring out how to play a game for his froggy, (known as Jackson.) Kurt went to help him and I fear he has now fallen off the wagon once again. You see, long after we sent Aidan and his siblings to bed, Kurt was still plugging away at this "strategy game" MEANT FOR 5-10 YEAR OLDS! It was all fine and dandy until I heard Kurt say:

"Man, Squiggles is TOUGH!" 

And that's when I knew, even online games can taste a little like chicken...

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  1. Karoline's pig Lincoln has been known to earn money way past the 3 year old's bed time. I, however, am quite adept at building virtual hamburgers at the Webkinz cafe.

    I should pass my...uh...Karoline's name on to Kurt...uh...Aidan so that we...uh...they can be Webkinz friends.


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