Lesson on Egg Yolks

"As soon as you drop the egg on the floor, cover it completely in salt. You may need to use a cup or more. It's important that it is totally engulfed in salt. Wait ten minutes. After ten minutes the salt will have absorbed all the liquid of the egg yolk and the egg and salt will become a solid mass. At this point you can simply sweep it up with a broom and throw it away!" -eHow.com

Or, you could do what most sane people do and take 5 minutes using a paper towel (or 4) to clean it up, saving yourself 5 minutes and a whole bunch of salt in the process.

The thing I love about parenting is that you learn something new everyday. Take today for instance. I started off the day by learning what happens when you back your SUV over a tricycle. (Hint: the SUV won...but on the bright side, at least now I know what to get Lily for her upcoming birthday.)

I then proceeded to learn just how sneaky-fast those teenage black widows are when I tried to get rid of the one living IN OUR MAILBOX! I am pretty sure I got it...but there were no remains to be found and well, that leaves quite a bit of uncertainty now doesn't it? I suppose I'll send Kurt to get the mail tomorrow...or perhaps Aidan if he isn't following directions....(no, no, I'm just kidding, I wouldn't send Aidan...but do you think Kurt would get suspicious if I asked him to increase his life insurance policy before going for the mail?)

Then there was the brief learning moment when I had put Liam down on the floor so that I could get the dishes in the dishwasher. The kids were busy cleaning up after themselves (or something like that, maybe not EXACTLY that but I am sure they weren't running wildly around the house and making huge messes everywhere...I mean, I'd notice that right?) and I looked over to see Madeline come up to baby Liam and pull him...across the floor....BY HIS FEET! And I learned then and there that no matter what you say to a three year old about the danger of playing rough with a baby, if that baby is laughing his head off, she isn't going to hear a word you say.

And finally there was Lily, who found the eight DOZEN eggs in our fridge...and then thankfully decided to play with just one...

"Egg Mommy! Egg!" she said excitedly while climbing down out of the fridge. You could practically see the fun ideas spinning around in her head, that is until she dropped the egg. And the entire thing slid out of the shell, and down between the grill and the floor, leaving the egg yolk underneath the fridge.

"Uh-oh, Mommy!" she said sadly as she leaned down...to smash the shell!

Ever tried to clean up an egg yolk under the fridge? Neither had I until today and by the way, I don't suggest the salt trick...

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  1. Stumbled upon your blog last week and just wanted you to know that I love it. I have four boys ages 10, 6, 4, and 1. Everything you say is true and great and makes me laugh! Thanks so much!


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