Happy Holy Chicken Day!

Hippity Hoppity Easter's here! (Click here for a little peppy Easter music!)

We here in Graceful Like a Chicken World wish all of you the happiest of Best-Chicken-Holiday-in-the-World-Day...Seriously, not only is the chicken off the hook for being the family meal today (for the most part) but when else is it so glorified that there are aisles in the store dedicated to chocolate and plastic reproductions of its reproductive vessel? It's a pretty amazing accomplishment to be second only to the cute, lovable (hollow, long-eared, milk chocolate) bunny! And let's face it, it's not like the Easter Bunny could complete his task of "bringing every girl and boy a basket full of Easter joy" without the help of the Easter Chicken!

Blessings to all this Easter! May we all remember to come out from behind the shadow of the cross and into the light that is God's gift to us all! (And while we're at it, let's enjoy a deviled egg or two for the Graceful Chickens of the world!)

Now, where is that "orchid for mommy" the song tells us about? Apparently Peter Cottontail forgot to leave it this year...hmmm, I bet he hid it in the floral department of the grocery store, again....silly Rabbit, tricks are for kids! ;)


  1. Orchid for mommy is in that song? Man, I've been missing out on that one, too. Too bad.

  2. Exactly! Read the lyrics and you'll realize many of us have been getting the short end of the Easter stick!


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