Lily's Pet Store

"But I don't know how to draw a pet shop," Lily told Kurt as the other kids and I waited for them to return to the kitchen table.

"Just draw a building with pets in it," Kurt told her.

"I don't know how to draw pets," she said. "But I CAN draw a puppy."

They came back and before the rest of us could even get back to the table and flip the timer to start the game again, Lily eagerly told Kurt, "I'm going to draw the building like this," and she drew a big, oval-like shape.

She then proceeded to draw the three-legged puppy in front. All the while, I am shouting out completely random guesses as somehow, I haven't heard any of the above conversation. At one point I yell, "Um, a pet!" and Lily stops dead, looks at me with the most astonished and brightest eyes I have ever seen and within moments I am shouting, " A Pet Store!" She'll never be able to play poker with a face like that but it sure helps in Pictionary!

Thank you to everyone who participated in this contest. While no one was right on, here are some of the great entries:

man in the moon
bug on a pillow
crab on a boat
bug on a rock
Liam on the potty
Kurt driving a car (actually, it looks more like me freaking out while riding in the car Kurt is driving!)
chick in an egg
Lily in a tent in the church
three-legged dog swimming down the river
baby in the tummy....

But, the closest guess was from a mom here in MN. She said it looked like a dog in a doghouse.
Not surprising, she has 5 children and I suppose the equivalent of a doctorate degree worth of experience deciphering kid-art. (Really Deb, it is hardly fair!) So, she will be receiving her "Graceful Like a Chicken" t-shirt very, very soon (which means it might be sometime this year, assuming a miracle from God). I know, I know, the rest of you are teetering on the verge of jealousy but let your heart be at peace; I am sure there will be another chance to win your one-of-kind Graceful Chicken paraphernalia. Just hand Lily another piece of paper will ya?

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