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Ok, so we taught the kids how to play Pictionary Junior tonight. They all caught on quickly and had a great time. Aidan is old enough to play all aspects of the game and does a great job drawing for the team. And although we weren't planning on having the girls do any drawing just yet (they can't read the card), they both wanted a shot at it and were both so proud of themselves for drawing well enough that I could guess them correctly. And of course, we had a good laugh when it was Lily's turn to draw, so I thought hey, this would make a pretty funny "contest" for the blog.

That said, below you will find the picture our three year old (Lily) drew. Your job is to guess what it is and leave your answer by commenting on this post for your chance to win. (Click on the red "Post a Comment" at the end of the post....your guess will not be seen by others.) I haven't decided on the prize yet, but rest assured there will be some sort of chicken involved. One entry per person (try having your kids guess too for even more amusement) and all entries must be received by the time the Pictionary game loses its appeal in my house, or by April 16th, whichever comes first. Good luck! :)

P.S. By entering the contest, you give me permission to use your guess as blog food. Hey, you never know!

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