New Year's Revolution (Or, Conversations With a 6 Year Old)

"Mom," Lilly says on January 1st. "Are we going to make our New Years Revolutions?" Images of kids overtaking our house and overturning our parental rule bounce around the walls in my brain.

"You mean resolutions, Lilly," I correct her.

"Sure, whatever," she says. (Apparently she isn't the kind to go all revolutionary on us after all.)


"Mom, today in art I made lollipops for people.......And pickaxes," Lilly told me after picking her up from the gym one day.

Oh yes, the sweet combination of lollipops and pickaxes. And that's what little girls are made of (contrary to what the old nursery rhyme may have told you).


"Mom?" Lilly asked quite seriously on the way back from soccer. "If your eye ball was out of your head and just hanging there, and you closed your other eye, could you still see out of the dangling one?"

Hee hee hee.....seriously folks. How can you keep a straight face with questions like these?

"Um, well, I don't know Lilly," I said, as seriously as I could manage. "If all the nerves are still connected and there isn't too much swelling or bleeding or....um, I don't know if you could or not."

"Well, it's probably not a good idea to try it out to see, right?" she asked. Ha, no pun intended.

"Right, Lilly," I agreed. "That's definitely not one you want to see for yourself."


And later, I was reading the latest installment of Experience Life Magazine, the magazine associated with our gym (which just this month featured one of my dearest friends, Deb, whom I have referred to quite a bit.....check it out here!) and in the back of the magazine the CEO of Lifetime wrote about New Year's Revolutions.....really. (It's creepy actually how often I have a conversation or write something in the blog and then the very next month, Experience Life runs a story or article on that very thing.....like my To-Don't list, or when I recently took up fasting weeks BEFORE the magazine covered the idea as a fitness tool.) So, dear readers, my daughter might excitedly make pickaxes and talk about dangling eye balls, but she apparently is totally in vogue. Just like her mother......hee hee. (Only kidding.)

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