And Then She Said....

The kids and I were talking about Godparents recently when Lilly asked:

"Mom, if you and dad both died, who would we live with?"

I could tell she was worried about being split up from her siblings, everyone going to the different Godparents and what not, so I explained to her that all of them would go to one family together.

"So, we wouldn't be able to go to Eagle Ridge anymore for school?" she asked.

"No, you wouldn't live here anymore so you wouldn't be at the same school," I told her.

She was silent for a moment and then said, "Well, I sure hope you don't die this year then because I have a REALLY GOOD teacher!"

Gee Lilly, thanks. If your wishes are taken into consideration, I sure hope you have REALLY GOOD teachers for the next, say, 65 years or so!

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