Getting closer...

Last night at dinner:

Liam jumps out of his seat, scrambles over to get in Lilly's face and right before he is about to implode from excitement he says, "Wanna watch hockey with me? The Penguins are on!"

"Who are they playing?" she asks as if she actually cares.

"The Trees!" he says jubilantly.

I look at Kurt in confusion. "The Trees?" I ask while images of the Stanford mascot and Dancing on Ice collide with a Pittsburgh goon in my mind. Not so graceful.

"They play the Maple Leafs," he explains.

"Ooooh, riiiiiight." (Should've known!)

For your weekend: May all your mistakes be trivial and may there be someone around to make light of them so that you, too, may be filled with laughter. And may the joy in humility lead you to grace.

Happy Weekend, Dear Readers!

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