Each year we plant sunflowers. And even though we have seen it happen over and over, we still wonder if our thumbs are green enough. Will those seeds even grow? Can we provide them with rich enough soil? With enough water? Enough sun?

And each year, we watch and we wait, and wait, and wait.....until we get lost in our busy-ness and we forget that we planted them in the first place.

And then one day we notice they are growing up and we marvel at how fast it happens. And we begin to take more and more pictures. And they grow.....

and grow.....

and grow.....

...until they are seemingly as tall as the trees.

And once they are as tall as they can possibly become, they open up into these beautiful, radiant flowers and they make people happy.

And the flowers continue to get bigger and bigger. The bigger they get, the more joyous and impressive they become. 

And after some time, we realize that where there once was just one incredible flower, there are now five.....

(One was just a little delayed and um, shorter in stature.....)

And we watch them from afar, dancing with the wind and we marvel at how much they look alike and yet, how very unique they really are.

And we begin to look ahead and realize that our time with them is so brief and we have to make the most of it. Because one day, even as magnificent as they are and even as much as we love them, they will leave us. We cannot keep them forever, no matter how much our heart yearns.

And then, dragged down by the very weight of our sorrow and being, our heads will hang low to the ground, as if what we were made to do all along, was simply bow our heads.

And, as we no longer try to stand so tall and impressive ourselves, we realize that this is a very comfortable and peaceful position. 

And then we go hug our children because this is their story. 

(And this is also how you know what time of the month it is at our house......)

Have a glorious week!!!

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