The Homework Problem

While some kids will happily do their homework with very little in the way of parental involvement (i.e.. Madeline), others will do anything and everything they can imagine in order to avoid it. 

Aidan is one of those kids. He has procrastination tools in his tool box that rival the world's greatest slackers. He has spent countless hours whining and complaining, has perfected the art of staring into space, gone out of his way to "forget" the work at school (at least it seems so), and has even helped his sister complete her homework (instead of doing his own???) by reading her the directions aloud, explaining the work and going as far as correcting it and signing off on it like parents are supposed to do daily. 

But today......today we have reached a new low. 

"Mom! Come here, quick! I think I am setting a new world record!" Aidan yelled at me this morning.  (He is home from school because he was out late with his father last night attending his first, and perhaps last, Rush concert. He is supposed to be completing his homework and resting.)

Out of idle curiosity, I walked over to find this:

Wait for it.....

Wait for it.....

There isn't a whole lot you can say to this. Really.

"Um, Aidan? What are you doing?" I reluctantly asked.

"I've been like this for at least ten minutes, it's a new world record I bet," he said.

"But.....why are you doing it?" I questioned, hesitantly.....very hesitantly.

"Because Solly likes it!"

That's when I walked away. And the next time he starts to complain that he has too much homework and can't get it done, I believe I will direct him here....a little reminder of the truth behind his homework problem.

Have a great day!

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