Love Me Some Gator Stories....

While in Florida, I was told of a story (that I later read in an online news article) about an airboat tour guide who had been giving an airboat tour. In order to try to attract the gators closer to the boat, he dragged his hand in the water. Well, you can imagine what happened. But in case you're not from those parts, I'll tell you: his hand was bitten clear off his body! But the best part of the story was that he was later fined for feeding the gator. Now, I'm no genius, but I am pretty sure that the natural consequence of losing a hand is probably far bigger an incentive NOT to feed alligators than a little monetary fine. But then, you never know in FL.

So, today my mom sends me an article about a lady who fell into a canal. And had her arm bitten off. Of course.

This story in and of itself is not funny. Just another little old woman falling into the canal (seriously people, if you don't have great balance, STAY AWAY FROM THE WATER'S EDGE!) It just accentuates the point I am trying to make about NEVER GOING IN THE WATER IN FL....silly northerners....(unless you are trying to lose weight because I understand that losing body parts can help with that.)

At any rate, the end of the article caught my attention because they quoted the man who rescued her from the water. It read:

Zickefoose said he'll treat the small gators he sees differently. 

"In the future, I'm going to take out my net and smack them in the head. I want them to be afraid of me," said Zickefoose.
And perhaps there is the real problem. Good luck with that Zickefoose. (My guess is he is a likely candidate for making the next article my mom sends me.....)

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