Chicken Prayers

Random fact: Not only is there a Chicken Bristle, Kentucky but there is also a Chicken Bristle, Illinois.

Just thought that was, um, interesting....

Recently, I have been spending some time rethinking prayer. Mostly because my mom's group at church is reading a Mother Teresa book and the first section is on prayer. At any rate, for years our bed-time prayer has gone something like this (adding children/pets as they enter our lives):

Jesus tender, shepherd hear me, bless this little child tonight.
Through the darkness, be down near me, keep me safe till morning's light.
God bless Daddy and Mommy, Aidan, Madeline, Lillian, Liam, Solomon, Leroy, Little Sally Dot and all my friends and loved ones. Help me be a good little boy/girl. Praise in Jesus' name. Amen.

I'll even admit that when I am tired and don't know where to begin my own nightly prayers, that is how I start. It only makes sense since it is basically the same prayer I grew up with. I like to think of it as my comfort-prayer. You know, like comfort-food only less fattening. Recently I started leaving space for the kids to tell God what they are thankful for. The first night, after Lily thanked God for the water in the water towers, I put little Liam in his room and he demanded a shot at praying by himself. His prayer went something like this (well this is what I heard over Aidan's and my snickering anyway):

Jesus tend night. And bless night. Aidan, Lily, Solly-mun, Aidan.....Malin, Lily....and, and cat and fish, the fish that not dead, and tank-ew for Grandma and Papa and Nanna and Nunnu and Offah, and iPod Touch, and snacks, aaaaand the bus driver. Amen.

Kids rock.
Have a great weekend!

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