Have Chicks, Will Travel

But the question remains: WHY?! Why would any mother hen drive four chicks down the road, FOR 16 HOURS????

After a grueling move and not near enough time to get settled in, we are now on the road, this time going east to Kurt’s family’s 4th of July party thrown each year. It may have been a bit more cozy if not for the addition of one of Kurt’s college buddies who came along for the week, (the more the merrier right?) or perhaps if we had stopped having kids after one. We are happy to be a little less outnumbered but my legs (and back and head and….) are certainly screaming otherwise!

About two hours in, the mood of the trip was set by 17 month old Liam who started choking on an apple; turned blue (and terrified), had to be whisked out of his seat for fear of needing the Heimlich before puking all over his blanket while Kurt slowed the car from 70 mph to completely stopped in about 7 seconds. I was able to catch the subsequent puking spells in the blanket, layering each bout with napkins while maneuvering my way over Aidan and out of the car to hold Liam outward for a few calm moments as his color came back and he stopped crying. That would not be the last time we had to pull over on the side of the highway for one reason or another (like later when Kurt learned that it isn't wise to stand downwind from a six year old relieving himself), but it was definitely the scariest. If what my friend Deb says is true, that it isn’t a real road trip until at least one kid vomits in the car, then we’re off to a fantastic start!

I must admit though that I am not sure what is worse: being at the house, boxes scattered and dumped everywhere with four overly excited kids running around asking “Where’s my favorite __________” (fill in the blank) every three point two minutes or being strapped into a car in the middle of four restless kids asking (and others calling to ask) if we are there yet, every four point five minutes. Where are those battle droids when you really need them?

And no: while we may have arrived at our current destination and already secured at least one sun burn (darn that overcast sky!), we are not, in any stretch of the imagination, there yet!

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