Lucky Charms, take two

"Mom, is this a head-horse?" Madeline asks, holding up a Lucky Charms marshmallow.

"A what?" I ask.

"A head-horse!" she exclaims. I go over to see what she is talking about.

"Oh, you mean a horseshoe," I reply, quite amused.

"Oh, horseshoe," she repeats.

"Yes, I think that is what it is," I say, going back to the dishes.

A few minutes later Madeline asks, "Is this a head-horse, too?"

"Horseshoe, Madeline. Horseshoe," I reply.

"Right, horseshoe," she repeats.

Lily chimes in, holding up what is very obviously a pink heart. "What's this?" she asks.

"That's a heart, Lily," I answer.

Madeline holds up a new one and says, "And this must be an octopus."

Right. Pink hearts, purple horseshoes, blue moons....and multi-colored Octopuses. Somehow, I doubt General Mills will give them the magically delicious seal anytime soon.

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