Chickens and Hearing Loss

Studies have shown that when chickens are subjected to loud noise that damages their hearing, they can regenerate hair cells in their inner ear and self-repair the hearing damage. (See Deaf Chickens Hear Again for more details....if you are a nerd....or really bored....)

I just hope it applies to human chicks as well....

Mid-morning yesterday, we were running a little behind since we had to wait for the garage door man to work on our doors. It was time to get to the Senior Center where we buy our bread, so I addressed the girls:

"Madeline, Lily, get dressed. It's Bread Day and we need to go," I said.

"It's Red Day? Do I go to school today?" Madeline asked, a little confused.

"Bread day, Madeline. It's bread day," I corrected her. "And no, you don't go to school today."

"Does that mean we need to wear red clothes?" she asked, still misunderstanding me.

"Not red," I said again.  "Bbbbbrrrrrread," I clarified, extra slowly. 

"If I don't go to school today, then how is it red day?" she asked.

"Madeline, I think I need to get your ears checked," I told her.

She paused for a moment and then asked, "Mom, what's an earject?" 

I rest my case.

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