Mosquitoes and M&M's

On the way home from breakfast today:

"Mommy, mosquitoes and M&M's are candy, right?" Madeline asked. Focused on my driving (i.e. lost in thought), I only half heard her question and didn't respond.

"Mommy, I'm talking to you.....Mommy," she said. 

"Yes, Madeline, I'm listening," I replied. 

"Mosquitoes and M&M's are candy, right?" she repeated. 

"No, Madeline. M&M's are candy but mosquitoes are not candy," I said. 

"No, no, no," Madeline said, flapping her hands wildly by her shoulders, like little hummingbird wings. "Not Mosquitoes that fly," she said flustered. "I mean, mosquitoes you eat!" 

Kurt and I start laughing. "Oh, you mean SKITTLES!" he said. 

"Yeah, 'squitoes and M&M's are candy," she said.  

Close enough.

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