Lily Pad

Yesterday, the kids were playing with Polly Pockets; you know, those little, rubbery dolls you dress up and then strip and then dress up again...and since I am the only one who can seem to manage to get their clothes back on....the vacuum seems to rear its ugly head frequently.... "Sorry Madeline, the vacuum ate it...again.")

They seemed to be playing quite well without me when I overheard this: 

"Here, you be the lily pad," Aidan said to Madeline.

"What's a lily pad?" Madeline asked.

"It's a type of frog," Aidan replied, all-knowingly.

"Oh, ok," Madeline said. Then, in her most squeaky character voice, "Hi! I'm a little lily pad, ribbit, ribbit."

 Speaking of Lily pads, our very own Lily has finally completed potty training. She has stayed dry, day and night, for a week now and although she frequently goes potty hopping at night (think small child running through the house with her pants off so that she can sit on each toilet at least once during the course of a single, um,  movement....I guess you could call her the life of the potty, hee hee....) we are confident in her abilities and ready to send her off into the real world, diaper-free.  Of course, we still need to break her of the TV addiction she developed in the potty-training process. Having been rewarded with a 20 minute show every time she used the potty without an accident, she discovered Dora the Explorer and well, she now gets the DT's after about an hour without a fix. This past week, she would actually go potty, watch her reward show, run into the bathroom to use the toilet again, run out and say, "I get to watch again!" One day, she used the potty every half hour for the better part of the day just so she could sit in front of Dora. But, it was all worth it because:

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