"McNuggets, Fries and can I get a Boy Toy with that?"

Overheard today at McDonald's:

The cashier asked the next customer, "Hello sir, can I take your order?"

The man replied, "Yes, do you have any more boy toys?"

A stranger nearby was overheard LAUGHING HER HEAD OFF....oh wait, that was me! And they both look at me like I was the crazy one...as Lily-bear frequently says, "That funny, mom." 

After the kids finished their Chicken McNuggets and ran off to play, I sat getting pointers from another mom whose three children are practically grown. She then watched as Lily asked for help getting socks off and instead fell, with such grace, into a sticky soft-drink puddle on the floor, while Madeline jumped on my back, pulling us both down and Aidan tried to lift Liam up in his car seat while making his argument for why he shouldn't have to wear his shoes on the way home. The other mom laughed and said, "If you can handle that scene with such calm, you will be just fine."

Phew, for a minute I thought I might need to send a couple back...by a different road of course.

Not much time to write today so I will just brief you on today's casualties, three of which happened during a peaceful moment...that is, peaceful up until the phone rang and I made the common mommy mistake of answering it

Unfixable: One chrome-finish toilet paper holder (while fighting the toilet paper roll, Lily pulled it off the wall) and one computer mouse (while fighting her brother for it, Lily pulled off its 'tail'). (She is obviously over the Fever-Spiking-Just-so-Your-Kid-Feels-Like-Crud Virus.)

Broken, but fixable: One sliding glass shower door (while fighting to keep it closed, Lily pushed it out of place), one computer keyboard (while fighting to keep it away from her, Lily threw it on the floor, breaking off half a dozen keys...who needs the control key, space bar and every other key on the bottom anyway!) Oh, and then there are the dozen scratches or so on Lily's back from the fight she got into with Madeline while they "picked-up their room." Oddly, the room was in fantastic shape when I came in to find them tussling, both in tears. I'm pretty sure Lily was fighting for the right to make the beds....

So, I think what Lily probably needs is a good boy toy...

...like a punching bag or demolition truck or something! Sheesh, crazy person.

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