This House: Part Three

On the eve of our move to Mars…..

Dear House,

The last few days have been entirely crazy. I had wanted to have a chance to thank you for all the years you have kept us warm and safe, for the growth that has taken place, for the incredible journey we have shared under your roof, but really, let's be honest, we just packed up our entire house, WITHOUT MOVERS and loaded most of it on a truck (I say most because apparently when the moving companies said we needed TWO 26 foot trucks, they were saying so because THAT'S HOW MUCH SPACE WE WOULD NEED TO ACTUALLY TAKE EVERYTHING!) …. So house, really, WHO HAS TIME FOR THIS?!?!?

It is 4:30 a.m. and within just a few hours we will be trekking across the country, in the middle of a snow storm, to hopefully arrive at our new home in time for Christmas. So, while I could say a whole bunch of beautiful things, I really need more sleep because HOLY SMOKES! We are going to be moving across the country in a snow storm!!!!

Anyway, sweet, sweet House, we will miss you. And one day, I will spend some time to actually thank you appropriately, without the anxiety (read: total irritation) that I am feeling at this moment.

Thanks for understanding House. (Although, you are a house, I am pretty sure you don't really care, at all, about anything.)


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