More Short Stories


There are some coyotes who must live close to the school because we see them out playing in the mornings on the days we miss the bus. (We see them a lot.....)

Madeline: Ahhh, they are so cute. Can we have one as a pet?
Me: No, they are not domesticated animals and would be too wild.
Lily: Ahhhh, but I want a coyote!
Madeline: Ok, Lily. All you have to do is catch him and then train him. He might eat your hand off but after that it will be great.


Save your feelings of pride over the fact that your two year old took the initiative to mop the entire kitchen floor after breakfast until you make sure he didn't use milk to do the mopping.


Liam's new favorite song in three different versions:

Liam's version: "Weeeeee are the champions......there is not any room for any losers......" (Oh, so close!)

Solly's 1st version: "Weeeeee are the losers, weeeeee are the losers, weeeeee are the losers of the world." (Makes a mom proud doesn't it?)

Solly's 2nd version: "We are the champions and we are the losers because we don't have any batteries..." (Um.....your guess is as good as mine.)


One day during soccer practice as I was talking to my assistant coach, Lily ran up and asked, "Mom, can we go to the bar after practice?"

After a brief pause, I realized she was talking about the snack bar and clarified to the other coach that I didn't make it a habit to frequent "the bar" with my kids. Laughs all around.

Yesterday, Madeline walked through the room singing:

"But after...one round with Jose Cuervo, I caught my boots tapping 'long with the beat, and after, two rounds with Jose Cuervo...."

Well, apparently I do make a habit of singing country music too often.....


Madeline: Mom, when can we go to the Costume Store to get our Halloween Costumes???

Me: We aren't getting costumes this year. We need to save money for our move plus, costumes are like wedding dresses, they are overrated, you wear them once and then never again and is that really worth it?

Madeline: Ha ha ha.....wait, let me see your face.....oh, you aren't just kidding..... 

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