Killing the Inner Pack-Rat: Step 6

In Which We Were Entirely Ready to Have God Remove All These Defects of Character 

Woo hoo! BEST. STEP. EVER! Ok, God. Ready.... Set.... GO!

Um....hellooooo? I said I'm ready and since I obviously have a flaw or two (thousand) why are they still here? What's that? You're less magic/David Copperfield and more hammer/chisel/Michaelangelo?


You had probably thought (perhaps you had hoped) I was done with the inner pack rat series.


Summer and then the start of school were fairly big set backs in terms of decluttering the clutter-bug (and blogging for that matter.) Something about 6 kids (remember the cousin?) and traveling and then school and um, still 5 kids and suddenly it's Halloween and OH MY GOSH WE ARE MOVING IN LESS THAN TWO MONTHS.....no stress....

At any rate, now that Mars is on the horizon, (and Venus has lined up with Jupiter to create a great sphere of magical bliss where light changes and birds fly south and go ahead and stop reading now before it is too late) it is essential to get out the trash bags and fill 'em on up. And instead of starting back at the very beginning of the process when I fell off the wagon a little, we are going to forge ahead, which actually addresses one of my very real character defects: not finishing what I start when what I start suddenly seems like more work than I had anticipated or is no longer very interesting.

Don't get me wrong. I am no stranger to working hard. I run marathons after all and that gets to be a lot like work. Except it costs money instead of making it, and there are no long term consequences on anyone but myself when I choose to sit one out.....so really, it is not like work at all but simply a really effort-filled and costly hobby.....

But I digress. While I can't claim to be a lazy person, per say, I will admit to having the occasional selective work ethic: work hard at the things I love to do and then slack on the stuff I really need to do but don't really care to do. Both things add value (i.e. running adds value by making me a calmer and healthier person; decluttering adds value by making our house a cozier and more functional environment) and yet only one of these is a top priority for me day in and day out. (Hint: it includes my running shoes, not boxes or rooms of junk.....)

So, today's step is asking God to remove our "defects of character" (had it been just general defects I would totally have gone with those things that were damaged by pregnancy but alas, that wasn't an option.)  My guess though, is that the answer to this request includes a lot of work on my part:

"Go and wash your face in the river Jordan and then spread the word of my name amongst all in bloggerland, with the potential of torture and possible death.....no pressure...." or something like that....

And so, without further adieu, I shall leave this land and go back to the very thing I am procrastinating from by writing this post....

Watch out Clutter (and anything else that happens to still be in the house)! Here I come!

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  1. Good for you Karen. I'm doing the same room by room. Did you know it is necessary to de-clutter in order to clean? I dislike cleaning...thus the clutter. I am thinking about you as I do the same. Just think, you'll have a new house on planet Mars and won't have to unpack anything you toss or give away now! Take care and have a wonderful Thanksgiving. See you soon =^)


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