This Is (Not) the Day

Every morning I think: "This is the day. This is the day that I will get my house completely organized, top to bottom. This is the day that the floors get mopped, the kitchen drawers get sorted through, the blog post gets written. This is the day that I take half an hour to sit down, relax with a cup of hot coffee, read, think, write, meditate, pray. This is the the day I will stop doing whatever it is I do that doesn't accomplish much of anything and simply get everything else done."

And then the kids wake up and I am struck by another, equally powerful, gut twisting thought: "Holy Buckets! That day won't be here for another 16 years!"

And since I haven't the time to sit and write I thought I would share a thousand words (in pictures of course) to explain why I can't sit and write. (Even as I type this, I am standing.....)

What? What is that, you ask? Why, that is the ENTIRE BAG of bunny litter spilled all over the basement floor. 

Thanks be to Solly.

This is how the Solomonster has chosen to sleep recently. His head resting with his nose smashed against his crib. It beats the other favorite position which is falling asleep where his screaming left off: standing with his head resting on top of the crib's side bar....yes, he can and he does.

This is how you know a Solomonosaurus isn't feeling very well. He is not only still, but totally passed out on the stairs, at 2 in the afternoon.....yes, I know he is still in his PJ's, cut me some slack, will ya?

This is the fruit of my labor.....oh wait, no, this is just the mess made while making the fruit of my labor.....Madeline's birthday cake was well worth it....no, I don't know why there are headphones on the kitchen counter.

Homemade cake, Birthday Celebration #1
Costco Cake, Birthday celebration #2, Slumber Party....with six other little girls: Ella, Elsa, Ellie, Lilly, Lily, Mia, Sophie and Madeline (You think she could just choose girls with the exact same name to make it easier on us.....and had the other girl she invited shown up, we'd have had another Lily in the house.....) But none of that was nearly as exciting as having my very own Lilly awake me at 1:00 in the morning because she didn't feel right. I took her into the bathroom to inspect and found a caricature of my Lilly....her lips and mouth were so swollen she looked like a Simpsons cartoon character....after a phone call to the nurses line and an hour of watching her post-antihistimine after shuffling Lilly and her friend back into their room since the friend had decided to join in and I found them curled up, asleep on the bathroom floor after talking to the nurse.....and then another hour of listening to Solomon cry in his crib since apparently he was feeling left out, I started wondering what the heck was going on and WHAT ON EARTH WERE WE THINKING? At any rate, Lilly had a blood draw yesterday to rule out a possible allergy to pecans since that was the only unusual thing she ate the night of the puffy lipped Lilly....results next week.....if only I had thought to take a picture, then this caption wouldn't be novel-long! Sheesh!
Liam takes eating a palate of colors to a whole new level......"Look Mom, there are LOTS of colors next to my toast!" (Remind me to invest in a good dental plan.....)

Salsa looks so happy when he cleans......

And for a not-quite-two year old, he has pretty darn good form.....he must have a great teacher.....

Really, he could teach lessons.....

Well, until the urge to ride the broom outweighs the fun of using it correctly.....I only wish he didn't need to pour out the entire box of cereal in order to have something to sweep.....I guess he thinks the house is too clean otherwise......
See, Kurt? I told you so.

And that is why this is NOT the day....and neither is tomorrow, or the next day, or the one after that......

Next up? Hopefully a post about the magazine article we are going to be in next month....assuming I can actually catch a good night's sleep in order to remember what it is about and why we are in it.....

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  1. You have quite an entertaining life. I bet you are never bored :-)


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