Happy Hanukkah!

Christmas just wouldn't be the same without playing a round or two of my kids new favorite game: Dreidel. (Don't laugh, there is actually a Major League Dreidel. This is a very competitive game!)

Seriously, it's fun. Of course, I end up having to spin for three of the kids but they don't care so long as they get their M&Ms.....

Why Dreidel you ask? Well, Madeline learned all about Judaism in school last week and one of the parents gave out Dreidels. How cool is that? So, what else are you to do with a Dreidel but PLAY!

The yarmulke just seemed appropriate somehow.

Look at that concentration: he's going for the win here.

Doh! That symbol means nun: you win nothing, you lose nothing. Kinda like playing Dreidel, with M&Ms. 

Whether you are Jewish, simply share a religion that started as such, or none of the above, 
Happy Hanukkah!


  1. Two questions:
    1. do you remember the horah (?) dance that we used to do in Mrs. Brandt's music class?
    2. Don't you live in the arctic? What is your kid doing without any shirt on???
    Merry Christmas!

  2. Tis the week of Hanukkah, good tidings we're bringing. This holiday we celebrate with dancing and singing. Gather 'round together the Hora we'll do. Then we'll sing a song that our forefathers knew. Now, hush now, and come now. The candles we'll light one by one. Then we'll tell stories of God and His glory and how precious freedom was won.

    Or something like that....I can dance the dance too but no way I'm posting that! Look it up on you tube. It is very simple. :)

    As for the lack of shirt, some of my kids don't actually get cold apparently. (Aidan has been that way since he could get his clothes off.....I have thousands of pics to prove it and a mom who I think went gray because of it!)

  3. Happy Hanukkah to you, too! A few years back, I helped pass out dreidels to all the kids in the elementary school. I was surprised at how popular they were.

    I think that the no-shirt look is possible because of the warmth provided by the yarmulke.


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