Bring Your Own Blessings: Garden Style

After spending 12 or so hours in a car driving home from our wonderful, relaxing week in PA with Kurt's side of the family, we found that the weather had finally taken a turn toward summer here in MN. And with it, the garden morphed into a deer-rabbit-mouse paradise (sorry watermelon plants....the deer really like you apparently!) While I realize mustard greens are not supposed to be taller than my children, it was really fun to see the change that took place in only one week. (The Broccoli had sprouted some lovely bouquets as well.)

And so the blessing of the veggies has begun: we left without a single zucchini on our plants and when we returned, we found these....again, oversized but how cool is that! Just One week!

And what's even better, these came off the plant I started from seed that I was certain was going to die because the stem hollowed out below the leaves before it was fully established. I still have no idea how it made it. But, apparently it is doing just fine! Zucchini parmesan here we come! Mmmmmmm!

Are you still counting your blessings? What has surprised or uplifted your spirits this week?


  1. I continue to be amazed by the zucchini you guys manage to turn out of that garden!! You inspired me to plant a little garden this year. We've got our eye on the first three tomatoes...shouldn't be long now!

  2. Counting our blessings of 10 potential tomatoes! We are growing the tomatoes on our deck, because otherwise the deer and rabbits would get the fruit first.


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