B.Y.O.B.: Safe Arrivals

Bring Your Own Blessing

After two days, and over 1600 miles in the car with all five kids and one grandmother, we finally arrived at my childhood home in Florida. Phew!

We joke that we are escaping the midwestern heat....but alas, it seems we must have missed that boat. On the bright side...the really hot, Florida sun bright side.....we have unlimited free "sauna time" here! (You know, assuming you like your saunas to include a gazillion mosquitoes! Hey, it's like relaxation and exercise all in one!) But the drive was beautiful; the kids, fantastic (if you look past the last longest-hour- and-a-half-ever anyway); and the pool was ready, warm and waiting....along with friends, family, seafood, a few baby peacocks and perhaps a roach or two....(ick).

What kind of blessings have made your life a little more beautiful this week???

p.s. This is not a rhetorical question.....I really want to know! 


  1. ...the same blessing every week - the kids and the hubby :-) A little extra special this week? Maybe - the extra time I get with the girls while K is on travel! Safe travels!

  2. That's a really cool photo. Wide angle lens?

    One blessing (among many) I have had this week has been sweet white corn. We went to Maryland to visit my parents and while there I had a surprise work project that I didn't really want, but hey, I got to have sweet corn TWICE which made it all worth it.

  3. for guardian angels! whenever one of the kids has a serious injury or illness, my thoughts run wild with "what ifs" & the worse case scenario. my 6 yr old climbed on top of our free standing basketball goal this evening & it toppled down on top of her. she ended up with a broken arm & a few scrapes/bruises. i'm SO thankful that that's all it was!! i'm reminded how blessed we are with these babies & how fragile life is!

    btw - love reading your blog...lily reminds me so much of kennedy!

    - hannah

  4. That is truly an every moment blessing Teddi!

    CHM, actually, it was my cell phone that took the pic. I LOVE clouds! And I can't get enough of sweet corn. Love the midwest for that!

    I hear ya Hannah on the what-ifs....I have more than I would like to admit with all these kiddies and am soooo thankful every time it is nothing major! Thanks for reading!


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