Peek-a-boo-boo Pics


  1. Ohhhhhhh...he still looks adorable. :-) Glad to see he's on the mend!

  2. Diane,

    I am a faithful reader of your blog -with 3 kids of my own all under the age of 3 1/2 I can relate to so many of your anecdotes!

    Besides mother, however, I'm also a minister and was thinking of you after reading the scripture for this Sunday (Luke 13:31-35).

    So I have a question for you: Since you know something about chickens...what happens when a fox gets into a chicken coup? Does he eat the chicks? Does he eat everyone? Does the hen put up a fight eventually fighting to the death?

    ...because you have time with all those little ones running around to answer my questions...but I would really appreciate. I don't have too many friends here in Boston that know very much about raising chickens. :)

    -Cheryl revkerr@mac.com


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