Long Lost Relatives

We have figured it out. After 10 months of testing, weighing, overfeeding and wondering why Liam remains so tiny, we have found the answer. 

Here he is in the midst of a recent family reunion with his true blood line. (He's the bald one in orange in case you are having a hard time finding him.)



  1. I just want to thank you for your HILARIOUS and so perfect blogs and pictures. I'm a minister just outside of Boston with 2 children (Liam and Lily's age) and the absurdity never ends. Just when things at church get too serious your blogs remind me of perspective.

    ...and they help me procrastinate when writing a sermon. :) Thanks again! Cheryl

  2. an answer lol ... well whatever the reason he is just too cute.

  3. There's an answer for everything, glad you figured this one out! ;)


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