Q. What's even better than flying across the country with four kids ages 5 and under?

a) Boarding the airplane and then sitting on the tarmac for 2 hours due to rain delay, with 4 excited kids
b) Missing your connecting flight in Atlanta, which was the LAST FLIGHT OUT to your destination and then standing in line in order to deal with "friendly" airline employees at a "help" desk, with 4 kids past their bed times
c) Fighting a huge, irritable crowd of stuck travelers outside in the sticky, mosquito-filled air, to get to the shuttle buses and then having to chase down the correct bus in order to get to the hotel, with 4 kids WAY past their bedtime
d) Doing all of the above after having had a child (naming no names....hint: she's 2) pour their apple juice all over your only clothes during the flight

Good, good times....

(More about our trip after we recover from it....) :-)

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  1. Remind me to tell you sometime about our "vinegar flight"

    I hope the rest of the trip went better!



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