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Duck, duck, duck......GOOSE!

We are in Florida to visit my family and today, I found myself with six kids, playing games. Duck, Duck, Goose (or Duck, Duck, Gray Duck if you are from MN...) was rather interesting with two 5 year olds, a three year old and two 2 year olds (and Liam in my lap). It went something like this:

At first, things seemed to run smoothly. Then Madeline became the "ducker." She went around the circle, bopping us on our heads as she called out "Duck" and finally got to Aidan. 

"GOOSE!" she yelled, bopping Aidan on the head. This got Lily excited so she jumped up and Madeline says, "Lily, chase me." 

Meanwhile, Aidan is already on his feet, running since he was goosed. Somewhere in the chaos, Jonathan (2-yo cousin)  decides he should run around the extremely dwindling circle as well. Ian (5-yo cousin) and I (still holding Liam) scoot in as the others run madly around, forgetting to return to their places. 

After a few minutes, I stop laughing and tell them it's time to change games. It is Aidan's turn to lead us in a game so he picks "Tiger Life" (invented by Aidan himself...picture Calvin ball in the old Calvin and Hobbes comic strip.)

"Ok," Aidan says. "I am going to tell you all what animal to be." (We all understand this game because a few games previously he had taught us to play "Elephant Life" in which we sat in a circle, pretending to be elephants who slurp up water and then spit it out all over with our long trunks...happy times...)

"I want to be a Tiger," Ian announces. 

"Ok, Ian, you are a Tiger," Aidan says. "Now Jonathan, do you want to be a Giraffe, an Elephant or an Earwig?" 

"Roooooooooar," Jonathan replies. "I'm a Bear!"

"Ok, you be an earwig then," Aidan says. So, when he got to me and told me I was a Penguin, I didn't feel so bad...at least I wasn't the Earwig!

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