A night in the life of Mother Hen

9 p.m. - "Ready for bed?" Kurt asks. I give him that blank, silent, stare that screams, 'Do you not see the fussing infant WIDE AWAKE on my shoulder?'

"Well?" He asks. (Apparently not...)

11 p.m. - Liam is finally asleep, for real this time (because the last 3 attempts I made to put him down failed miserably). I put him in his crib and crawl into bed.

12:30 a.m.- Aidan comes in. "My bed is wet," he says. Finding it humorous that he doesn't claim responsibility to have wet it himself, instead just making a simple statement of fact, I follow him to his room. Sure enough, his bed is wet and he didn't 'wet' it. I suppose his fever broke because I am pretty sure he wasn't up running a marathon, in the peak of a Florida summer, at high noon. But his bed is drenched from sweat so I send him to sleep in the extra bed in Madeline's room while I take the soggy sheets off and shuffle back to my own room.

1 a.m.- Liam awakes to feed.

2:45 a.m. - Aidan comes in wondering if Kurt has gone to work and can he sleep in my bed. I take him back to his temporary room, feel his burning head and go to the kitchen for some Children's Motrin. "Can I have the cold pack, too?" he asks. Back to the kitchen freezer to grab the cold pack for his head. "I need more water, too," he attempts. His water cup is full and I tell him he will have to make do.

3:49 a.m.- Liam joins in the chorus, hungry, again. I finally get in bed and think lovely thoughts about getting no sleep.

5:40 a.m.- Liam, up again, diaper issues...."oh, and while you are at it, I could use a snack," he cries.

I reply, "Left or right, you choose, because I lost count about 4 hours ago..."

6:00 a.m - Kurt says, "Man, I'm exhausted! Did we not get good sleep last night?" Glancing up from my rocker I think, you are one lucky man because Liam just fell asleep and there is no way I am taking the chance of waking him up to chase you off the cozy top of the pecking order.

6:15 a.m.-Feeling energized, (insert sarcasm where you will) I put my running stuff on and head to the treadmill...why not?

And this was a good night, only two of my brood were up needing me.

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