On Sleep Deprivation

"Adding hens, especially younger birds, to an existing flock, can lead to violence and injury."

I can attest to this being true in humans as well since I have tried this at home, a repeat experiment and all, each time with the same effect. I can also vouch for the source of the problem: the sleep deprived mom.

Now, sleep deprivation is no laughing matter but there are some things you have to stop and laugh at for sure. Take the other day for example when I couldn't find the left over tater tots from the night before. I was so sure I had packed them up and put them in the fridge. I looked thoroughly through everything in the fridge to no avail. Well, turns out I put them back in the tupperware drawer. Doh! (And had I looked in the toaster oven, I would have found the breakfast that I forgot I made for the kids that morning as well...)
Then there was the next week when, pulling into my garage I swiped the car against the side of the garage...because I was giving directions to Aidan and didn't think that perhaps I oughta stop driving forward into an enclosed area when turning backward to address my son.

Or what about a few days later when I was taking Aidan to school and as we were walking toward the door Aidan turns and says, "Mom, why are you leaving Liam in the car?"


The simple answer: because although I look awake (I talk and walk and seem like a functioning human being) I'm actually just mostly awake which means that in actuality I am still partly asleep. It's the same reason I was able to look away and pretend not to notice when Lily tried to vacuum her tongue! It is also the same reason that the other day when I was trying to clean a bathroom, I didn't immediately stop Lily from giving the baby a hug while he was laying on the floor...which of course caused Madeline to plunge on top of Lily (possibly seeking her opportunity to rid the house of the competition), followed by Aidan who jumped at the chance to be on the top of the pile...and the baby was on the bottom! AHHH! And, instead of my normally lightening-speed, super-mom reflexes propelling me to stop the mess from occurring in the first place, I practically had to convince my brain that yes, my kids did just dog pile the baby and yes, the time to save him is NOW!

*Just for the record, no one got food poisoning, left behind or hurt in the above stories...(although the car begs to differ.)

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