Donuts, Chicken Strips, Blizzards, Oh My!

The kids and I were standing at our fence, at the top of our hill, looking down at the 3 restaurants (if you can call them that) we can see from our backyard: Krispie Kreme (where I bought at least 5 extra pounds of fat for my thighs since moving here last year), Jack-in-the-Box (where the kids insist on curly fries and chicken strips and even if I eat a salad I end up with a tub of lard around my tummy from just smelling their "food") and Dairy Queen (as if we needed to top it off with dessert?!) This is how I know we actually moved to hell on earth....we can even smell the donuts on some mornings and that is just plain wrong! 

We turn to go back inside and I notice this nice, rectangular, patch of land, perfect for a little garden. I imagine tomatoes, squash, lettuce and all sorts of healthy things to offset the evil down below us. Perhaps we will even go organic to fit in to our CA neighborhood.

"Hey guys, this would be a great place for a garden! We can plant some tomatoes or squash!" I exclaim. 

"Or maybe we could plant some fruit trees, mom. That would be better," Aidan replies.

"Yeah!" Madeline adds. "We could plant squash, or, I know, MARSHMALLOWS!"

I was getting ready to explain to her how marshmallows don't grow on plants when Aidan chimes in to set her straight. 

"No, Madeline. We can't grow marshmallows," Aidan tells her. I stay quiet thinking how grown up he seems, explaining to his little sister how marshmallows don't grow on trees. 

"WHYYYYYY, Aidan," Madeline whines.

He answers, "Because the coyote would come get them." 

Well, close enough.

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