It's Been So Long I Almost Threw in the Towel.....

My blog post title got me to thinking (always a dangerous endeavor): what this world really needs is a Graceful Like a Chicken Towel....hand towels would be best I think. I'll get right on that as soon as the time in my life isn't completely eaten up by stuff like soccer and homework and hen-pecking-egg-eating-jerky-hens (that's probably the real history behind Jerk Chicken...it started out as some jerky hen eating the other hens and their eggs and well, that naughty hen became dinner with whatever spices were on hand and viola! Jerk chicken was created. Or maybe, they were hung out to dry and that is how Chicken Jerky came about.....Either way, the lesson here is: don't eat the other hen's and their eggs...you know, if you are a hen and don't want to become jerked chicken jerky!)

Apparently, it HAS in fact been too long. I mean, where else do I get to ramble ad nauseam about whatever the heck I want without anyone giving me that look? (Hey, put down that look!)

So, our life in 100 words or less (and if you believe that I have some really incredible stuff I want to sell you....):

Remember that beautiful favorite new hen Maddy? Yeah, she took a beating in the coop.....as in, flesh hanging off her neck and blood gushing.....and I had to remove her for what I was sure to be her slow and untimely demise. Fortunately, she made it and has been living peacefully by herself in a secure pen in the barn (formerly a rabbit house). She stopped laying eggs in protest though so now I have to figure out if keeping a hen is worth it just because she is beautiful. If you ask the kids then why yes, yes it is.....especially when that hen is named after your oldest daughter. (Note to self: don't name the hens after your loved ones! It's probably like the first rule of farming....."Don't name the animals and if you do, DO NOT name them after loved ones!" My bad.)

So, as winter approaches, there is a lot to consider on the make-believe farm. Ooooh, speaking of farm....did I mention my new business card that I stick in my egg cartons when selling my eggs? It goes something like this:

Graceful Chicken Farms

Karen Wolf
Chicken Tender

Hee hee hee. Hey, at least I amuse myself. 

Anyway, my plan is to try to unleash some new posts in the coming weeks. Life is just smoother when I am taking the time to notice the humor in things. And right now, I could use some "smoother" moments. I'm sure you could as well. Come back again soon to see what's up....(Like the fact that Kurt gave Madeline permission to get two bunnies to breed.....who DOES that?!...says the mom who has an entire flock of Silkies and assorted bantams for her kid to breed....Kurt said he thought it would make me happy to get more bunnies, plus, she was crying and ANYTHING TO STOP THE CRYING Y'ALL! You know, like the puppy we are now responsible for...oh wait, you have not met Storm yet....sheesh, I am so behind!) Perhaps I SHOULD throw in the towel.... (Or at least some Chicken Jerky!)  

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