And then the Storm Arrived.....

So, while I was absentmindedly taking a blogging break, this happened:

It's like we can't quite grasp the concept of alleviating stress by simplifying......it's always, "Hey, I have this GREAT idea!" A statement that is often followed by the addition of something new....and usually living.

And while I was not exactly counting my blessings every morning at 3 a.m. while on puppy-potty duty for the first couple of weeks, she is growing on me, a little....or at least, she is growing. (She is not growing on the chickens I might add but Stormy is certainly all starry eyed about them....that's why they call it "puppy-love"....and by love I believe they mean she wants to terrorize them and then eat them. She needs to work on her chicken-courting skills, obviously.)

Apparently it's not just me that feels this way after a day with the kids.....

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